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Roger Ebert


From his journal three days ago

My favourite movie critic ever is dead. I discovered him at a book store, in São Paulo. His opinions and texts were so endearing I bought that book, signed his Chicago Suntimes newsletter, followed him on twitter and face, read his blog whenever I could. I also installed his app of Great Movies.
Before I bought a dvd or planned on going to the movies I always asked his opinion.
Even his critics about films he did not like were fun! He had this tender, ironic, clever look. He was doing what he loved.
He overcame a tumor that left him without speaking, and now died of a new one.
His newsletter arrived every Friday! Who will tell me about movies I should see now?

Roger Ebert’s Journal

He ended his last journal entry with
“I’ll see you at the movies”.
I promise. I…

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Uma menina de 18 anos, acompanhada do namorado

A barriga cresceu…


Podia ser um bebê…

Era um câncer, que se espalhou pelo abdômen…

Que ainda vai dar tanta dor…

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