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Film One Day

They met in college, slept together o graduation evening, and met once a year till…
Good actors, nice movie.
I read good reviews of the book. I’ll tell you when I read it…

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Almost 600 visits…
A thousand thanks! Take care, you all…

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Divertido, mas esperava mais…

Pena que as luzes de Natal se apagaram. São Paulo fica tão mais bonita com elas!

Bom domingo pra todos!

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Film Taking Chance

A Colonel who sees lists of casualties everyday decides to take the body of a marine, killed in action, home.
The story of this journey, and this marine became a magazine article, and then a movie.
The Marine existed, his name, Chance Phelps. He was young, full of life, and died a hero.
I loved the movie, the extras, Kevin Bacon… And I fell in love with Chance too.

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