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Que seja um ano feliz…
May it be a happy new year…


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Feliz Natal!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


A foto é do meu Papai Noel favorito, o do Shopping Paulista…

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João Gilberto

Comprei a entrada pro show há mais de dois meses, a data mudou, continuei animada. Ontem fui pedir a devolução do ingresso, o show foi cancelado.
Tanta pena… Será que nunca mais veremos um show dele? Adorei os dois que assisti. Num deles ele tocou pra gente cantar, conversou um pouquinho, pediu desculpas pela voz rouca.
Quem sabe ele ainda canta pra gente de novo? Senão, ficam os discos…

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Film We bought a zoo

A true story… A feel good story as well…
I had a great time!
This is Benjamin Mee talking about his zoo…
This is the zoo homepage

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One of the best documantaries I’ve seen, ever…
Joe Simpson, an alpinist, a leg and fell in a cravasse in Peru. He was left for dead by his partner, and…
I’ve read the book a fews years ago. I loved the movie, though. And the extras too. Buy the dvd…

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Two girls and a boy grow up together… They are growing up to be harvested for heir organs…
It’s really moving to see them as children, and adults.

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